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About Us

A legacy built on excellence, trust and client satisfaction

Lasrust was established in 1993 as a distributor for Lascon Lighting – a top industrial lighting supplier that specialised in all things lighting. For years, Lasrust supplied everything from industrial lighting solutions to electrical switchgear, motor protection and electrical consumables. However, we are firm believers in the power of specialisation and we started focusing our attention by aligning ourselves with key partners. This enabled us to offer our clients more niche services and at the same time carry a more specific range of stock. In 2017 we made the decision to unbundle the company, moving all industrial LED lighting to our sister company, Mabone LED Consultants. This has empowered Lasrust to stay relevant in a constantly evolving market, and:

Better understand the needs of our clients thus providing efficient and reliable service.

Respond rapidly to problems or queries and ensure consistent service quality.

To provide low-cost operation with reduced prices on a daily basis, for increased competitiveness.

Even though Lasrust Founder Derek Wetzlar passed away in 2021, he built the company on an incredibly strong foundation of succession. Today Lasrust Enterprises is steered by Derek's son Philip Wetzlar, who shares the same vision and commitment to quality as his late father.

Philip Wetziar
Philip Wetzlar: DIRECTOR

The navigator of Lasrust Enterprises. After obtaining a Diploma in Light Current Electrical Engineering in 1999, Philip moved to the UK where he worked in sales and management and in 2004 he achieved £1 000 000 worth of sales in one year. With a passion for running and mountain biking, Philip has the foresight, knowledge, and perseverance to navigate any obstacle with accuracy and grit.

In loving memory of Derek Wetzlar: Founder

Derek Wetzlar was the backbone of Lasrust Enterprises. Over the years, he took Lasrust from strength to strength, and he always had an amazing vision for the company. With the goal of ensuring succession, Derek brought his son Philip on board and together they continued building the legacy of Lasrust Enterprises. Thank you for your incredible drive, foresight and determination, Derek.

Your memory will forever live on in our hearts.

Derek Wetziar

For more information on our services, values, mission and more, download the Lasrust Company Profile.